Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose.
It’s all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self portrait.
Everything is a diary.
[Chuck Palahniuk]

Is there anything that Bonne Maman and window light does not make wonderful?


‘If I had a camera,’ I said, ‘I’d take a picture of you every day. That way I’d remember how you looked every single day of your life.’
[Nicole Krauss]

Johnny has been smitten with his Hasselblad lately. And I am smitten with taking pictures of him being smitten with his Hasselblad.
I love the look of concentration on his face when he crafts an image. I love watching this long, meticulous process. Sometimes it takes him 5 minutes just to take one picture. Slide. Flip. Pause. Focus. Tilt. Pause. Shoot. Wind.
For me, it’s like watching an artist sculpt a sculpture, or paint a painting. How the hands and the eyes and the mind are like one. There is so much carefulness, so much tenderness, so much heart.


Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am
to be blessed.
[Mary Oliver]

I love this little harbor in Union Hall, Ireland – just down the road from where we live.
The brightly painted fishing boats, proudly sailed home to unload the day’s fresh catch. The nets and lobster traps scattered over the pier. The smell of salt and fish and ocean, and the sound of fishermen hosing down the decks and calling to one another.

I think there is so much beauty in what is simple and unpolished.