In the end, what you do isn’t going to be nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with.
[John Green]

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland. 2013.

Dublin is a great city for walking around and shooting pictures. One of my favorite stops there is the Old Library at Trinity College. It really feels like Harry Potter, with the woodwork and ladders, and dusty old books floor-to-ceiling. You half expect to find a wizard in a corner somewhere holding a book of spells.

Tomorrow we leave for a month-long road trip through Europe. Our journey will take us from Ireland, to France, to Italy, to Croatia, to Germany and back again. Our first stop will be Lake Como! I’m planning on taking tons of pictures (the Contax 645, Aria and X-E1 go with me) and shooting Fuji Pro 400H film. And I heavily plan on eating good food, drinking good wine and soaking up sunshine before the last of summer is gone. I’m so excited to explore and discover these parts of the world.

But the best part for me? Doing all that with him.