A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
[Matthew 5:14]  

Provence, France. 2013.

For our first anniversary, my husband and I made a wonderful holiday trip to Provence. It was such a special time together, with both of us taking time away from work and just enjoying each other’s company with no agenda.

It was the first time I had spent significant time in France, and I fell in love with it. The people are friendly and welcoming (and very patient, as we speak limited French), the food and wine are excellent, and the culture is fascinating. But most of all, I love the rustic elegance of the countryside. Some days, Johnny and I just drove down some winding mountain road to see where we ended up. Around each corner was the most beautiful scenery, and sometimes we would drive up the road and see a town just like this one, perched proudly on a hilltop.

This picture makes me think of goodness and honesty. No matter what difficulties I face in life, I want to be the best person I can – strong and good in the face of adversity.