A writer’s heart, a poet’s heart, an artist’s heart, a musician’s heart is always breaking. It is through that broken window that we see the world.
[Alice Walker]

Corfu, Greece. 2014.

I had the realization that my favorite pictures were made in a moment when my heart broke.

It might have been how the light touched the earth so gently, or how the sky was soaring like a magnificent blue cathedral and I felt something spiritual and otherworldly. It might have been how the sea awakens a nostalgia I can’t understand. How a certain moment felt so epic, or so tender, or a person so good at heart. How I saw my husband through my lens and when he looked back at me, something fell apart inside because I love him so much that it hurts. Sometimes it was how endearing it felt for me to see people being content with a simple life, making a home together, being proud of the work they do. Or little children, enjoying life with an innocent abandon. Or someone making something with so much care and love. And it might have been just feeling overwhelmed because the world is so heartbreakingly beautiful that sometimes it swells up in my heart and moves me to tears.

Maybe that is, after all, what causes certain photographs to resonate with us; we are able to see what it was the photographer saw in that moment, and feel what they felt.