This house sheltered us… we spoke, we loved within those walls.
[Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca]

Union Hall, Ireland. 2013.

Olympus 35-SP | Fuji Pro 400H | Richard Photo Lab

For our first anniversary, Johnny gave me a beautiful little vintage rangefinder, the Olympus 35-SP. I took half a roll of film with it in Provence in May, and the other half roll I “used up” in October with a few snapshots around our little farmhouse. I guessed exposure for all of my shots due to no internal light meter and not having an external one yet. My initial impressions of the Olympus was that it was rather difficult to shoot (I found the rangefinder focus mechanism hard to get used to) and while I loved the look and feel of it in the hand, I wasn’t really sure if a rangefinder was my thing.

After I got my film back from the lab and had time to look through the pictures, I developed this funny “attached” feeling to them. These aren’t the best or most special images I’ve ever taken. But for me, they have a soul. There’s something about the roughness and texture of the bokeh, the sharpness when the focus is right, the dark contrasts and how the lens captures light. I feel that this little camera has stories to tell.